Good guys and good times

Yeah that’s kinda how you get the best out of this world… great energy and great people make it all worth it. I’ll never let bad people scare me away from the great experiences I get to take part in.

When you meet someone who you can vibe with it makes every second feel like your drunk on love. It nice to rub off on people in those ways too. This trip to Los Angeles has been a good one… I’ll be back much more for sure. β™‘


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Recently pamela has started travelling a lot and is training again. Availability maybe slightly harder than usual. Sorry for any delays in replies she has been quite busy. Since there has been a increase in travel requests she has taken them time to honor them. Much more fun than just sitting in one place!

Pamela is also training and adding on a strict diet. She needs extra time in the day to prepare her meals and do her workouts. I will take my time to publish posts for her and let everyone know when she’s in town or possibly in your town. You may then email her about massage.

Once you follow this blog you will receive a email whenever a new post is made. Telling you where she is and when. If you’d like to check in on her please do so here. Knowing if she is even available will make it much easier for you to contact her with requests that will get much faster replies.

Pamela doesn’t want you to miss out on any new additions or info about her availability. Any private email can be used and sometimes there will be special offers or membership options. Free passes to her site, games, clothing items, etc. As always all replies are 100% private and respectful.

Thank you for all your continued support. She’s extremely excited to be working on her already amazing figure and getting into the best shape possible. Maybe even a competition…

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$$$ Nurux Platinum Massage Gel 8.45ozΟ€=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

Nuru gel is not cheap. How much one must use per massage compared to regular massage oil. In order to get a proper feeling like you’re getting a real nuru massage you have to use an extensive amount of gel, and not just any gel.

I’m sharing a link from Amazon for the most thickest gel online in USA. As you can see from this small bottle it is 17.99
And to do the massage properly you would need to use at least one full bottle or one and a half. Maybe 2 bottles if you want it thick and not watered down.

I hope this clears up any confusion about nuru. When using regular body oil that is still a body to body massage it’s NOT a nuru slide. NURU is only nuru when using nuru gel. If the person desires a body to body massage they do not need to pick nuru.

thank you