Screening people is important when you’re popular

The title is enough. I know I don’t need to explain this. But as we all can see there is a lot of jerks who are able to troll around on the Internet. The last post I made on this blog talking about Nuru gel costs has a comment from an obvious upset person that he is unable to book a nuru with pamela.

If you notice by the beginning of the post it says that I get blown up all day long about that type of massage. I am the one who made it popular in Los Angeles and why I keep hearing about porn companies having more and more people asking to see NURU videos.

Yes I am very cool yes I am very fun and yes when I do something I can make it look like everyone else would want to try it out too. I am an amazing person I can take something simple and turn it into a great amazing joy. I noticed a few people ask me about this five years ago and decided that I would like to offer it

Being that there was barely anyone around I became very popular very fast. Also being that I had one of the most popular girls in porn in the last two years in my nuru video – Christy Mack. I obviously can show good taste and knowing what people like.

For many years I have put myself down and I have taken a lot of cuts on stuff when I deserved better. When a person puts a lot of work into something other people will notice. Recently in the past year I have finally made it to a point where it has been 10 years. I know so many people now it’s kind of hard not to be busy.

However I have had a lot of situations where I’ve been being taking much better care of and have been told that I should not have to put out so much work and so much overhead without making a considerable return.

Being a regular masseuse and doing regular massages all day long you can do multiple massages and not tire yourself out. But setting up nuru making a room heated doing laundry having extra towels buying gel bringing it through the mail it’s a much bigger process.

Anyone is going to have a problem with doing more than they are getting back. I have a friend that makes custom ropes for a living. He actually goes through all of his products and make sure it’s top-of-the-line make sure he’s making it the right way doesn’t cut any corners and he said that with the amount the person wants to pay for the rope he’s going to break even. He said he also noticed that if you just rented them out the people would not return them. People can be pretty disgusting and use others it happens all the time but it’s not the way to keep things going for long.

Just like my friend who has another business now because simply people on a large-scale don’t want to pay that much for a custom-made rope. He obviously had to change direction and focus more on another job and just offer those custom ropes to the people who were willing to pay a proper price. If it cost him $25 to make the rope he can’t just sell it to someone for $25.

I know I never had to explain this and that the person who is commenting is just pissed off that they are only willing to pay $25 for a rope that cost $25 to make it.

I know that most people who read that last post knew what I was talking about it’s the ones who want to make it a problem and be personal and take it the wrong way are the ones were making everything a hassle. I’m sorry but my friend is not going to put the time and energy into creating a rope and only getting paid for the material.

The last comment from that other person is just someone who’s not willing to take care of things properly.

Since there is so many rude people I hope all the nice and understanding people really do understand why screening takes place. They should be happy enough when something is available and appreciative of that in the first place

$$$ Nurux Platinum Massage Gel 8.45ozπ=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

Nuru gel is not cheap. How much one must use per massage compared to regular massage oil. In order to get a proper feeling like you’re getting a real nuru massage you have to use an extensive amount of gel, and not just any gel.

I’m sharing a link from Amazon for the most thickest gel online in USA. As you can see from this small bottle it is 17.99
And to do the massage properly you would need to use at least one full bottle or one and a half. Maybe 2 bottles if you want it thick and not watered down.

I hope this clears up any confusion about nuru. When using regular body oil that is still a body to body massage it’s NOT a nuru slide. NURU is only nuru when using nuru gel. If the person desires a body to body massage they do not need to pick nuru.

thank you – members

Planning on updating the content soon. Shooting new content has been lots of fun again. Will be tweeting new photos from those shoots as well.

It Has been at least 7 months since the last update. The site has an old layout and needs to be updated or taken down and replaced with a simple store version. Since I haven’t put any thought into this for a few months itll take me some time over the next couple weeks to think it over.

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