Nuru slide vs. Lap dance…

Lots of people keep asking what to do what is better…

It’s all the same :-) it’s just what suits you.

Making nuru such a popular request and so many people now advertising I decided to add the lap dance.

Totally different than the slide it’s my own creation. For those who would rather sit up and help rub and drip the gel all over is what is better with the dance.

In a slide you lay down and just let the masseuse do all the work. Some people want to just watch and feel others want to be more hands on. ♡

Nuru Slide movie


Nuru Slide movie
Available at
Pamela Balian
Skin Diamond
Christy Mack
Angelina Valentine
Havana Ginger &

My first project of 2012. This nuru slide is a fantasy hand core version of the typical nuru massage. In nuru slide we have some of the hottest girls in porn slipping and sliding sucking and fucking. A new and exciting way to enjoy nuru slides…

Soap orders…

Hello! Good afternoon!
Woke up thinking about all those soap orders I never filled. First off thanks for being interested in my products. Making soap is a passion of mine. I put a lot of care into the ingredients and am very specific on selection.

Before I left California I has a few accounts and selling weekly. Since i was gone I totally stopped production. No soap no shooting… just time off.

Now that I’m back i had to get so many things back on track for massage and my website I’ve had no time for my amazing soaps. Over the next two weeks you should see updates and new products.

If anyone has any questions please email me for information. Thank you again! Xox


You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for

Its seems to me people have forgot the age old saying you get what you pay for or pay peanuts get monkeys, and these WORDS have never been more true today, but people will always try to save a buck and not think about the reason things seem more expensive well lets take a look at that shall we.
Lets take at a pornstar for a second something i have dabbled in from time to time.
1) they are required to test every 14 days which is twice a month at the cost of $330.00
even if they dont get a booking they must have a clean and current test.
2) transport to set either by there own car or driver a cost that can be upwards of $1000
a month all in.
3) agent booking fees 10-20% so lets say 10 bookings a month at the standard rate $1000
a month.
4) shooting outfits few companies provide wardrobe so bras panties dresses this can really
add up fast so lets say $500 and thats on the low end.
5) tanning and gym memberships ,trainer if serious about being in good shape so thats
another $300-$500 a month
6) hair extentions most have them and they can cost upward of $1000 a month so we are
looking at $4300 a month and we my not get a booking yet not to mention rent $1000 so
$4000 a month outlay before we have made a dime and my cost are slightly more than
that and i dont get a $1000 for one job so bare this in mind the next time you ask me or
tell me can i do a massage for cheaper and as i said you get what you pay for in life
nothing is free not even me, so i hope that has cleared up.