Nuru Chair for sale! Email for details

Hello everyone!!! I’m going through my studio and taking apart things. I have a lot of equipment to get rid of and a ton of outfits. first of all I noticed that there’s no more nuru chairs available on Amazon. well I don’t use mine at all anymore so if anyone is interested in purchasing it please write me an email. thank you very much again!


This photo was taken today. My chair is clear and has rubber bumpers for the floor. β€’ Closing may 20th

Hello again this is my next update about my website. the links to new memberships should be disabled today and the site will be available until May 20th after that the Clips 4 sale store will be open a little bit longer. until everything is taken off there as well. thank you very much for your business. Sorry for the interruption of memberships. I don’t think I’m going to be shooting anymore and without updates I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Thank you xox

Coming to a close… limited massage bookings

Hello again everyone !!!

Taking some new courses in spa therapy!!! Which is super awesome but sadly makes my time much more limited. The old 24hrs availability has now changed to 10am to 10pm.

Yes there’s always a possibility that I’ll be around before or after 10 but it’s best to try and reach me before then. My office in studio city will remain till the end of this year. Then I will be closing that studio.

This will finally be the last year to book any exotic massages. Those who have been very supportive over the years. I love you and thank you. I’m very happy to start a new chapter in my life. It’s been a fun 10 years.



Email for info